Why choose BatteryLab

 At BatteryLab, we approach battery conditioning in a radically different way. Our batteries are not commercialized. We hand select all the modules and individually condition each module and balance the entire pack to give you a superior performing Battery pack. And with this, we give you a two- year warranty to meet the fullest standard we can give for your hybrid battery which is the best in the country!

 We have also continued to improve our product options  by ading a Brand New Hybrid battery with three year warranty. Truly the best warranty in the country!


Our Technology

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We have built a facility to cater to you and your hybrid vehicle so that we can work with you to find the solutions that fit your hybrid battery needs. We  provide  a full consultation including the scan of your hyrid vehicle and explain all of the available options . With the latest technology and equipment, not only do we aim to extend the life of the hybrid battery in your vehicle to a like- new (re-energized) state, but also make sure that our process is in line with environental standards.